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Reign of the Batmen! Dammit, you stole my idea!!

Hey, guys-- just wanted to stop by and say hello. Like you guys have already figured out, I'm only doing one issue of Titans, but I'm a big fan of these characters going back to the Wolfman era and the editors and I cooked up a lot of ideas to get to this one. It's always just a matter of scheduling around events. So it's not out of the question that I'll be back in the future. Nothing's planned, but never say never.

So, yeah, I come from my own creator-owned book, Freshmen, so I'm not necessarily used to working with corporate-owned characters, but it's going to be a blast. My Cyborg story is both a direct epilogue to the Deathtrap story and a look into the character's past as he questions his future. I think you're going to enjoy seeing a new "side" to Cyborg-- literally and figuratively.

If you've got any questions or outrage for me, you can find me at my blog, or I'll stop back here once in a while. Be well!

-- Hugh
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