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Hey, everyone. A bit of good news/bad news for you. Which is which will depend upon your opinion of my work, I guess...

I have decided to leave Teen Titans. My last issue will be #71.

It's been a wild ride for 22 issues (plus an Annual and Terror Titans)--sometimes good, sometimes bad, and often awesome. I've really come to care about these kids during my tenure, but now it's time for me to place my focus elsewhere.

However, you will still see my name in Teen Titans for a while, as I'm writing the Ravager co-feature in the back of the book. It's gonna be great to get inside Rose's head and write her with a first-person narrative. (Of which you'll get a preview in my last full issue.)

Because of this decision, it's likely that you won't see me in this thread a great deal. There isn't a lot about the Ravager story that I want to reveal in detail and I obviously don't have much to tell you about the future of the title's main course.

I want to thank you all for your questions, enthusiasm, praise and criticisms. It's been a real pleasure communicating with some of the title's most passionate fans.

Now for a few answers to questions:

Does the Faces of Evil issue take place after or before the Dark Side Club?

How long after Terror Titans 6 does Teen Titans#69 take place?
Titan529 View Post
1. After would be my take on it, but don't think of that as "official".
2. Not very long after.

How did Pristine die anyway?
PyroTwilight View Post
As I recall, it was that she was too close to that tanker she blew up and died from the debris.

Hey Sean, is it possible at this moment for us to learn Clock King's real name?
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Part of his real name is mentioned in #6.

Will we ever learn what connection TNTeena had to Copperhead?
Titan529 View Post
You saw the entirety of their relationship's nature in the story. She was falling for him in a mix of Stockholm Syndrome and a "nurse crush", whereas he is unable to properly have such feelings.

[quote=SageShinigami;1428105]I'm aware you can't spoil the plot or anything, but a tease or just something you know none of us have ever seen before in a Titans story that'll be in yours and Marv Wolfman's crossover?/QUOTE]
I would just say try out part one. That should give you an indication of whether or not it's for you.

Thanks again, guys.
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