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can you please bring in Supergirl in to the TT now that JL is intended to only be a 6 issue mini instead?
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Don't see it happening, sorry.
any chance of Spoiler as the new Bat-person?
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It was discussed at some point but ultimately the Gotham stuff is understandably hands-off for a while.
1) Any plans for another Titans spin-off mini series, in the same vein as Terror Titans?

2) Any plans for using the Infinity Inc kids after Terror Titans?

3) Are you going to be at Chicago Comicon (or Wizardworld Chicago or whatever they're calling it now) this year?
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1 & 2 - None that I'm aware of.
3 - Yep!
1) Is Pristine dead? In the preview pages posted on the Rama she seems knocked out rather suddenly with blood coming out of her mouth?

2) Any plans for the characters you made for the comic to show up soon in Teen/Titans, like Poprocket, Son of the Fallen or Pristine (assuming she's alive)?
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1. Dead dead deadski.
2. Look for a couple of them in a few weeks. Poprocket you've already seen in another comic (not Teen Titans)...
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