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will TT#71 be included in the Deathtrap TPB?
>>Riz! View Post
Highly doubtful.
This kind of cover's Riz's question, Sean, but do you know how Deathtrap will be TPB'd?
Timekeeper View Post
Nope, I don't.
I know Robin is off the team but will we ever found out if their were true romantic feelings between him and Cassie?
augustusceaser View Post
The answer is a complex one, since their relationship is also very complex. I feel I illustrated their feeling pretty well in the series and I'll tel that speak for itself.
Sean, can you give us any idea about when we'll find out who the pregnant girl is in the Omens story and when this will play out?
michealdark View Post
I'm not offering a timetable on those omens, sorry.
Now that the team has been "revealed", is there any chance of you letting use know who was on that one pic in DC Nation a while back? I still can't figure out who the person next to Static is supposed to be (and you said there were more characters?).
therealssjlink View Post
Nope, I can't say who that is, nor who the other characters were. Not yet. Maybe later in the year...
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