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All this is to say that Terror Titans should have tremendous fall out--enough to be covered in an arc of Teen Titans or even a full on maxi series, if you wanted to get it from enough angles. I just want to know if this is going to be covered, coming out of Deathtrap.
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You'll see some of this addressed in Teen Titans, of course, but we'll be moving on to other things after Deathtrap. And obviously I have no control over whether or not other DCU books address it at all.
Once you've had a chance to write each of the TNTT era Titans, what is it that you liked most about each character?
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Sorry, this just sounds too much like a homework assignment and I've got a lot on my plate right now.
1: How far are you on issue planning (even if you haven't written anything down yet)? I'm guessing around 75.

2: Will the Blackest Night stuff be reflected in Teen Titans during the event or just after? Is it the same type of situation as Final Crisis (where nothing can be reflected until after)?

3: Still thinking about a new Teen Titans Spotlight? Probably won't happen, but if you could, would you do it?

4: After Deathtrap, can we get more of Jaime OUT of his costume? He's been in his costume in ALL of his appearances with the other Titans except in the Holiday special.

Thanks for answering. Oh, and you better be practicing your Static drawings so you can make one for me next time
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1. Broad strokes through 74 right now. Plans for #75 and beyond keep changing with the wind.
2. That's something for Dan and/or Geoff to announce at a time of their choosing.
3. I would love to, but I don't see it happening. Just look at how the Confidential books, et al sell.
4. See next issue.

Nice to meet you in NYCC, man. Thanks for stopping by.
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