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Folks, I really appreciate the outpouring of love here. I'm a little surprised by it, but thankful just the same.

To be fair, being booted from Flash was a blessing, and seems to have benefited everyone. Nobody involved really wanted me on the project, and I'm certainly not one to overstay my welcome. I just wish someone, anyone, at DC had enough testosterone to inform me personally. Finding out third-hand was pretty uncool.

Geoff and Ethan have been working their a$$es off on this book for nearly a year. I'm sure by now they're deep into issue 4, if not issue 5 already. I have no doubt that the entire series is scripted by now and that Alex Sinclair (who I respect the hell out of, and no doubt will do a terrific job) is busting his a$$ trying to keep up with Ethan. DC has pushed the release of this thing back several times, I'm sure to get the entire series in the can before the first issue ships, in an attempt to avoid the same issues that plagued GL: Rebirth.

So. Cut everyone some slack and be sure to pick up the book. 'Kay?