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The decision to replace Lonnie as Anarky wasn't done without thought. The story and the title's situation called for a very primitive definition of the term Anarky in my desire to leave the book having established the notion of "Robin's Joker."

I thought the concept of Anarky, applied in a visceral, immature fashion, would make an excellent counterpoint to Robin's ordered methodical thinking.

Since Lonnie is too smart to be immature and NOT a "villain," I wanted Anarky, but it couldn't be Lonnie without compromising who he is as a character.

Conversely, from his original inception, I always felt the General as a character had the most potential to grow up to become "Robin's Joker."

So, as a writer, you manipulate things in such a way that get you what
you need for the story, the character and the longterm thinking of the book (I know, it's cancelled, I still think longterm).

BUT... you want to respect the creative work done before, so I wanted Lonnie in the book, just in a condition that prevents him from stopping Ulysses, but not in a condition that prevents him from ever "finding his way back" should a future writer want to go that way. I mean, he got shot in the head, he's paralyzed and catatonic and hooked up to hi-tech machines -- ANYONE can come back from that in comics! :-)

You try to have your cake and eat it, too, but you also set the table for future writers to feast off of as best you can.

The General makes a more viable Anarky for the current needs of the Robin status quo and Lonnie can become a viable presence in his original "side identity" as MoneySpider, an electronic ghost.

One can prove a physical opposition to Robin (Ulysses as Anarky), the other an intellectual one (Lonnie as MoneySpider).

I knew it would piss off some longtime Anarky fans, but conversely, he hadn't been used in the DCU for a VERY long time (as had Ulysses) and was a VERY hard character to use easily because of the complexity of his beliefs, so if I didn't do this, two good characters could have lain dormant.

Now, I feel there are clearly defined ways you can use both Ulysses and Lonnie.

Feel free to cut and paste on other sites, since people are asking the question and I'm too tired to reply on every site. :-)

-- fabian
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