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Love those nods to the rich DCU history that Kurt (perhaps with help from the database of Mikishawm?) loves to make, always in such a way that it feels organic within the story. Krona and the Cosmic Egg are mentioned; and the little gallery of werewolves is fun stuff.

(And here is my chance to play John Wells: Anthony Lupus appeared in Batman #255, Ian MacCobb was first sighted in Swamp Thing #4, and Jimmy Olsen as Man-Wolf was seen in Jimmy Olsen #44.)
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And with all due respect to John, I don't need help to know about the Neal Adams werewolf from Batman, the Berni Wrightson werewolf from Swamp Thing, and Jimmy Olsen.

Though I did get a list of DC wolfmen from John and suggested a number of them to Mark. I had picked Lupus, Olsen and Sea Wolf (from Aquaman), but I'd supplied alternatives, and Mark wanted to draw the Wrightson guy...

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