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Isn't this standard story procedure for heroes? Build them up as great, give them adversity that actually CHALLENGES them, and show them coming out the other side heroic?
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it only works if they over come them , not someone else coming into the story and over coming those problems for the character

Of course HAL takes down Sinestro. Sinestro is Hal's nemisis, his opposite, not Kyles'. You didn't see Hal take down Nero either. Or Wally West taking down the Joker.
As for Parallax, it took them ALL to imprison it. All Hal did was finally seperate Parallax from himself, and with the help of the Spectre at that.
1) reread rebirth you missed the ending

2) if Sinestro is Hal's nemisis this means once again kyle wont overcome anything he will need Hal jorden to come save the day. Which means all that happened was kyle was nocked down a peg .

If you don't/can't express your complaint, then it can't be taken seriously.
I think it was so good that I'm not going to comment further.
See where that get's us? nowhere.

Kyle didn't gain mental powers, he gained physical ones. So why is it so odd that his instinct would be to STRIKE at the tear in space to try to close it?

For some. Just like life. Not everyone likes you.
And if they did, it would get to be boring reading reeeeeal soon, if you ask me.
Sounds like Hal and Kyle will have something in common. It could make them closer friends.

Kyle is a focus of big line shaping events at DC. How are 'monthy adventures' going to fit in with that?
You don't see Jason Todd, or Donna Troy getting a monthly either for the very same reason.
Kyle has been the focus of events for the last 3 years and when each event is finished Kyle a) hasn't grown b) was knocked down in status / there to make someone look better c) useless in the story d) just thrown into another event

Happens in virually EVERY superhero book ALL the time.
Who would read a book where the hero comes in, defeats the villian by the second page?
Hal's first arc he got beat down by the Manhunters.
Then by Mogul's son.
Then by superpowerless russians.
I don't see anyone saying Geoff's got a mad-on and is dragging Hal through the mud. Ya see, what I mean?
Yes show me the panel in one of those storys where Hal was crying and then became evil . I want to see that one.

I have no problem with kyle being defeated but being defeated by something that was beaten into us as something he could defeat in rebirth is just friggen silly .

Kyle's been getting beat down by life for years.
Girlfriend killed because he accepted being GL.
Kyle's next love (Donna Troy) killed because of superheroing.
Best friend/assistant nearly beat to death because of prejudice, causes Kyle to lose faith in humanity to the point he wants to leave earth.
Kyle loses next girlfriend (Jade) due to duties as GL.
Kyle is led to believe he's lost his mother due to being GL by Major Force.
Kyle last love (Jade) killed due to superheroing.
Kyle's mom killed due to him being GL.
Sounds like this has been building up in him for YEARS, in my opinion.

Kyle would be afraid of ANYONE dying because of him. Not just people HE loved. Kyle isn't self-centered that way.
Kyle wouldn't just lie down and die . Kyle would have kept fighting . If its a crow bar to the back of Hal as paralax , if its pushing a gl tomb onto hal as paralax or fighting sinestro in half dead state saving GA . Or hey even mistakingly giving Major Force his ring and still laying into him with whatever he could find near by .

This thing that Geoff wrote isn't kyle . its not how kyle acts at all . That is whats Insulting to kyle fans . Just in the way that ET was insulting to hal fans .
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