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Given your last sentence, are you a fan of companies editing their books when released in a trade, as opposed to what was originally published?
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It seems like an odd thing to be a "fan" of -- like being a fan of umpire consultations, or something. I like umpires to consult when they need to, but that doesn't mean I'm hoping for it to happen every game.

I'm in favor of correcting errors, at the very least.

The example above seems pretty innocuous, but what about wholesale changes to the story, such as the Infinite Crisis collection.
I don't have a strong opinion.

There's also The Essential Tomb of Dracula, where Marvel edited the art - 30 years after release. Are companies that afraid of potential litigation due to nudity in comics? They can put a Mature label on it, just like the Max line.
They didn't want to. They wanted to sell it to the same audience who bought the first three volumes.

I know the companies own these stories and can do whatever they please, but if it was good enough for editorial to be released the 1st time, why not in a collection?
Depends on the circumstances.

Not all books are intended to be an archival re-presentation of the original serial, after all. The ones that are intended that way should be faithful, but that doesn't mean they all should be.

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