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mego joe January 13th, 2016 09:19 PM

Earth 2: Society #8
This has to be the most confounding series DC is publishing. Some issues seem really good, like the one with Lois/Tornado in the lead, but the main storyline just feels overwhelmed.

Parts of this issue felt like Watchmen. And in an overly used, rip-off, I don't want to read this kind of way.

Oddly, the little Batman bit felt the most accurate, oh no, more Batman!

The Hawkgirl/ Fury part was also enjoyable.

I'm still puzzled by how we've gotten to where we are. Last issue must've been forgettable because I thought Kara and Helena were on the outs.

Any thoughts?

Whealer January 15th, 2016 05:05 AM

I gave up on this title about 3 issues back. I think it is best described as being a hot mess. Too bad, because I would love a well done JSA book.

[email protected] January 17th, 2016 04:28 PM

I liked the Earth 2 title a lot when it first came out, but agree that Society has been nothng but a hot mess. I think DC really dug themselves a hole by destroying Earth 2.

Frankly Ive been rooting for the codex thing to get activated and make the new world more like Earth so we can get on with it and restore things to normal.

DSumner January 18th, 2016 01:16 PM

I'm not sure what DC's doing with this book, or Earth 2 in general. When the book initially started, I was enjoying it, as there were several characters I liked, namely Hawkgirl and Flash. Then it went into a bit of tailspin with the "new" Darkseid/Apokolips invasion, only to have them destroy that Earth (which still makes no sense to me), and we now have this new Earth 2. It's almost like they're playing it by ear, and don't really have concrete plans. Just throw something out there, see what resonates, and then try to play off of that.

While I really want to like this book, unless they can tighten things up, and cut out some of the doom and gloom, I'm going to have to let it fall by the wayside.

married guy January 28th, 2016 02:46 AM

I ended up dropping the original Earth 2 book #25 (I think!)
I wasn't a fan of where the book was heading then (Apokolips invasion, kill everyone blah blah blah)

I'm glad I got out when I did.

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